4 Techniques to ease pain & depression

4 Mind and Body Techniques to Ease Depression and Pain

Nov 12, 2014 | Exercise & Fitness, Family Health, General Health

Ease Depression & Pain

Alot of pains that you feel every day are rooted in those brain processes which are often affected by your emotions and mental attitude. Even though the specific mechanics haven’t been completely discovered, it’s known that your brain, emotions and thoughts play a big role in whether you have physical pain.

The reason that meditation often works to help ease depression and pain is because it will reduce the activity of your brain in the primary somatosensory cortex. This is the area that helps with creating the feeling of how intense and where painful stimuli are.

1.Relax Using Tai Chi

Tai Chi’s been around 2,000 years and it’s one of the branches of Qigong. These are exercises which harness your qui. It has been linked to a number of health benefits, including improving life quality for people who suffer from Parkinson’s to breast cancer.  It also helps with treating elevated blood pressure and sleep problems.

One thing that people like about Tai Chi’s that it’s gentle, making it perfect for people who have conditions which don’t allow vigorous exercise or who have a lot of pain.

2. Experience The Wonders of Massage

Depending on where you live massage can be an excellent form of affordable relaxation. If taking a massage is expensive in your area, there is nothing stopping you from learning a few basic moves. Luckily for me, when I am in Thailand a two hour massage can be as low as $10.  However, that still hasn’t stopped me from learning how to do basic massage moves myself.

Once you have some basic methods down, you can massage your partner in return for a massage back. You don’t have to commit to massaging each other for two straight hours. For one, your fingers and hands will probably become numb if you tried that. But even a 5 minute massage can work wonders for each other.

Personally, due to my extensive use of a computer for The Bum Gun business or when writing my books, my hands do hurt after a few hours. I think a lot of this also comes from my years punching hard punchbags, but also from the repetitive strain from using a mouse and pounding the keyboard.

There are true health benefits that massage offers.  The truth is that it offers so much more that some of the conventional hospitals are starting to bring in to help people who have gone through surgery. Together with improving the feeling of well-being and promoting relaxation, massages have been proven to:

·         Reduce depression and anxiety, ease insomnia, and stress

·         Relieve the pain from labour, cancer, fibromyalgia, and migraines

·         Soften and relax overused and injured muscles, reducing cramping and spasms.

·         Provide relief from arthritis by increasing flexibility in the joints.

3.      Pain Management Through Hypnosis

I believe hypnosis can ease depression and pain because it is a trance-like state where you will experience heightened concentration and focus, is able to decrease your pain. This is because you alter your responses to the pain signals your body is sending off and the thoughts you are having about your pain. Even though a lot of people believe this, you don’t relinquish the control you have over what you do when you are hypnotized. It does make you much opener to suggestions from a hypnotherapist.

4.      Give Yoga A Try This Month

Yoga’s been proven to be beneficial to ease depression and pain especially if you are having problems with pain in your back. However, research has also shown that it can help with mental health as well.  Research done by any number of universities have discovered that yoga can help:

·         Sleep problems

·         Mild depression

·         ADHD when patient uses medication

·         Schizophrenia when patient uses medication

These are just some of the things that you can use to help you with pain that you are suffering.  Medication doesn’t always work and it sometimes will cause more problems than it solves. When you use one of these things to help you with your pain, you may discover that you start feel better than you ever have before. They also don’t have the types of side effects that a lot of medications have.  Because of this, they don’t disrupt your life or restrict your driving or other activities like medication can. You don’t have to start them all at once, but do yourself a favour this month a give one of them a go. You’ve got nothing to lose, and so much to gain if you just push yourself to try them. Start to ease depression and pain today.


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