10 Steps to Improving Your Life

May 29, 2019 | General Health


Who else wants to feel instantly fresher and more invigorated, every single day?

Honestly, this is stupid simple. Water gets you cleaner. Period. You KNOW it does.

I wanna keep this quick as I’m in a taxi and gotta get out soon.

This device truly is a life changer.

I really hate it that you don’t have a Bum Gun in your bathroom already. It’s downright CRIMINAL, to be honest.

There is absolutely no way that in the 21st century you are forced to smear around with rough old toilet paper instead of getting ‘shower fresh’ clean with a few blasts of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer… 

  1. Clean better.
  2. Clean more.
  3. Clean even more.
  4. Clean even more than that.
  5. Clean when you don’t want to.
  6. Clean when you do.
  7. Clean before going on a date.
  8. Clean when you stay at home.
  9. Clean every day.
  10. Keep cleaning.

There. I told you it would be short.

Look, do yourself a favour and at least try The Bum Gun out for yourself for 60 days. If you truly believe you prefer toilet paper after the 60 days, simply email me and I’ll give you an instant refund.

But I know you won’t because no one does.

But the offer of returning is there just as a safer measure for you.

Click the link below, place your order, and I look forward to serving you.

Greg “We Clean Your Butt Better” Noland


1 x Titan + Valve Special Offer

Only £75.00

SAVE NOW – BUY ONE Titan bidet sprayer with a 3-way valve as a bundle for ease of ordering.

Never again will you have to smear around hoping to get clean. The Titan has been designed to provide you with a very controlled direct spray action to ensure a ‘shower fresh clean’ every time and in seconds, without even having to get undressed.

Greg Noland

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