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What is The Bum Gun


Welcome to The Bum Gun range of hand held bidet sprayers created for every man, woman and child on our planet for use instead of toilet paper.

The Bum Gun provides you the perfect way to clean your backside after every toilet visit with a jet of water.

No one can deny that using water is by far the more hygienic option when you need to get clean.

The Bum Gun is simply a miniature hand held shower, installed next to your toilet. Toilet paper was ok for its period, but time moves on. Toilet paper was invented in the 1800’s.

Every invention is updated and improved. Rubbing your backside with toilet paper will never get you properly clean like the Bum Gun can with its jet of water.



You can say goodbye to those embarrassing clingons, that itchy butt, and those blocked toilets.


And of course that horrible moment when you realise the toilet roll hasn’t been replaced. End, finished, be gone!!


The Bum Gun bidet sprayer has been invented to improve your quality of life. The Bum Gun is affordable. And whether you accept the technology today, next month or next year. You will be using it eventually.


Why wait? Upgrade your life today, and experience an improvement in your life immediately. If you don’t do it for yourself, how about your children? Your partner? Your loved ones? It’s your responsibility to have the best personal hygiene possible.


The Bum Gun is easy to install, simple to use and environmentally friendly. And saves you money every week on your shopping bills.


Check out our simple Installation Video Here:


If you care about the environment (which I hope you are) and our aging sewers, then not flushing down rolls of toilet paper every week is also a bonus of The Bum Gun.


The Bum Gun should be installed in every bathroom you use, be it home, office, factory or business premises, anywhere which has a toilet.

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you are not ready to order just now, why not sign up on our sister site. This way you can still benefit from The Bum Gun, receive our discount voucher and a FREE gift just for joining our mailing list.

Then when you are ready, you can easily come back to us.

The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers - The King of Bathroom Hygiene - Sign up for a FREE gift and a discount voucher





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